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Setting the Record Straight

Facts vs. Fiction


The Truth about "Tax Cuts"

Haverhill voters shouldn’t be fooled by the latest mailer from Mayor Fiorentini. He talks about tax cuts, but he doesn’t tell the truth.  


In fact, his “tax cut” story is a shell game, and Haverhill’s residents are the victims.  

It works like this: 
Year after year, the mayor refuses to use budgeted funds desperately needed for schools, police, fire and other essential services for Haverhill residents.  These are BUDGET HOLDBACKS, but the mayor calls them “tax cuts.”

Then, when Colin LePage takes the responsible position of demanding that these vital services be properly paid for with the available funds that were initially budgeted for in the first place, the mayor portrays Colin as being “against” tax cuts.  

The mayor is playing a dangerous game that no voter should tolerate.  More important, nowhere in his mailer does the mayor talk about his vision for Haverhill’s future.


Here the mayor is being unintentionally honest—he has no vision for Haverhill’s future.  Colin LePage does and he deserves your vote on November 2.

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