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Issues We Face

Haverhill is a changing city in a changing world. Colin is ready to lead and ready to make big decisions on vital issues.  Here are some of the areas Colin will be addressing during the campaign and as mayor.


Fiscal Responsibility

Colin believes that Haverhill taxpayers deserve to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely and carefully.  As mayor he will work tirelessly for government transparency and budget accountability in all aspects of spending and policy.  He will ensure that the city meets its fiscal responsibility for funding vital programs in education, health, public safety and public works.


Colin believes that nothing is more important than preparing Haverhill students for life in a complex world. Colin will never stop pushing for improvements in Haverhill schools. Students, teachers and administrators must have an ally in City Hall, and Colin will be that ally.  A vote for Colin is a vote for better schools.  Join the cause today!

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Public Safety

Colin is truly passionate about public safety.  As a city councilor he helped improve Haverhill’s public safety departments and as mayor he’ll do even more.  Haverhill residents must feel secure in their homes and in their neighborhoods.  Colin will make public safety a budgetary and programmatic priority from day one in office.


From safe roads and bridges to clean water and adequate parking in Haverhill’s business areas, infrastructure is crucial to a better Haverhill.  Colin’s years as a city councilor have given him insight into Haverhill’s infrastructure challenges and the knowledge to meet those challenges.  Get in touch to learn more.

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