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Mayor Fiorentini has not been transparent with the residents of Haverhill about student issues at Haverhill schools. The most recent incidents of violence and sexual harassment prompted a letter sent to parents by Superintendent Margaret Marotta and Haverhill High School Principal Jason Meland, pictured here with Colin during a recent visit to the High School.



Mayor Fiorentini plays "hide and seek" with your hard earned tax dollars.

"I will be open and honest with the taxpayers and ensure that needed services are provided within a transparent budget," said Colin LePage. 



Proud to have initiated the Green Community process for the benefit of the City and taxpayers.


Quoted from WHAV 4/8/19 article:


“As early as March 2017, Councilor Colin F. LePage advocated for the green designation, having Joanne Bissetta, deputy director of the state Department of Energy Resources, address city councilors.”

Green Communities

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